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As a Microsoft Exchange alternative, Kerio MailServerTM is a state-of-the-art groupware server allowing companies to collaborate via email, shared contacts, shared calendars and tasks, ultimately unifying access to email, calendar and contacts by synchronizing wirelessly with smartphones. Best of all, Kerio is designed to work equally on PCs, Macs and Unix computers.

Supported mobile platforms include Treos, iPhones, Windows Mobile®, Symbian and BlackBerry.

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Interested in having your email inhouse but don’t want the hassle of maintaining a server or expensive Microspft Exchange costs?

Ask for us for licensing fees and installation services. Installation and managed services also available. Please ask for details

*Monthly services starting as low as $9.95 each mailbox, per month

Network and MX record configuration services also available.

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Reduce Capital Expenditures with Hosted Email

Implementing an email service in-house requires capital hardware expenditures including:

Hardware and software licenses for redundant email, anti-spam and anti-virus servers

Additional web and application servers for web-based email

Redundant (mirrored or RAID) storage for mailboxes, with sufficient capacity to meet near-term storage requirements

In addition, you will need the necessary data center infrastructure, including network bandwidth, power supply and rack space as well as monitoring/management software and security software and services.

Outsourcing email eliminates up-front capital expenditures for xcomputer hardware; you only pay a fixed service fee based on the number of mailboxes and features you need.

Stay Focused on Core Business

Subscribers expect email with bundled service packages. However, email may not be one of your core competencies. Running a highly available email service requires a good deal of dedicated staff time, including:

Experienced email administrator(s) to set up and maintain the system

Technical support staff to handle customer questions about email service

Storage and system administrators to handle the infrastructure

The fully-loaded costs of these personnel can be significant. Even if you are using existing staff to perform these functions, you will be diverting their time from primary business job functions.

Predictable Email Costs

If you choose to outsource email, the cost of email services is known, fixed, and predictable. It is also very affordable when compared with the true cost of providing email service in-house.

It can be difficult to determine the actual costs of providing email service in-house. The Total Cost of Ownership includes:

Up-front capital expenditures on infrastructure, service and storage

Ongoing server and storage upgrades to support growing usage/volumes of data

Ongoing staff costs in server, storage and email administration

Ongoing staff costs in server, storage and email administration

With outsourced email, your true costs are known and fixed.


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